My Projects

montage with starry sky in background and Jesus with lamb and quote
I put this montage together in my Visual Media class. I view it as one of my best works of art. I used 2 different pictures and chose a scripture that I really enjoy pondering.
close-up of dragonfly on reed
I took this photo in my Photography class. It is one of my favorite pictures I have taken. I named it "Dance" because of the way dragonflys move, and this one kept flying and landing as I was taking his picture - he was dancing and posing for me.
phoenix art: painted face with phoenix reflection in glass
This is another photo I took in my Photography class. I love it because it shows 2 aspects of Phoenix that I enjoy. It shows the hustle and bustle of a busy street in downtown Phoenix, and the art that is displayed there. It is not often you get to see both in one image.